An efficient and discreet queue management system. Efficiently handles pending customers at self-service premises - without unnecessary noise and confusion.

Usage of paging systems is very simple. When customer places the order, the coasters are being issued. When the meal is ready for pickup coaster notifies customer with a light signal and / or vibration.

The notification system is perfect for restaurants with a large number of rooms, food courts or gardens.


  • no queues at the checkout – customers immediately go to their tables and wait there
  • increased table rotation – the system helps to handle a larger number of guests
  • no mistakes when issuing an order
  • create a nice atmosphere in the restaurant – no loud calls when issuing dishes
  • additional advertising message on the coaster
  • streamlining service and staff – quick acceptance of orders and facilitating the delivery of meals to a specific customer
  • assumed investment return in two months


  • up to 999 pagers
  • four defined messages, e.g. vibration length 20 seconds, automatic re-start after a minute
  • calls are sent by vibrations, light, sound (optional)
  • the transmitter has a built-in battery that allows you to work wirelessly for up to 8 hours