Intended for a teams. Its universality makes it applicable in every industry. It greatly improves work efficiency and communication in the team.

The system is most often used to call the waiter to the kitchen to collect the dish. As a result, the customer will receive order in the shortest possible time from its preparation. At the same time, the waiter does not have to waste time checking if the order is ready. Staying in the room and more available to customers.


  • discreet way of communication between staff
  • reducing costs through increased staff productivity
  • optimized service work
  • greater number of clients served – fast and direct communication
  • higher quality of service, nicer atmosphere
  • higher revenues


  • works with up to 20 pagers
  • whiteboard that makes it easier to assign a pager to an employee
  • messages sent with one button
  • service calls indicated by vibration or light
  • option of cooperation with text pagers E467 („kitchen” message)
  • option of using several transmitters in one restaurant (various messages for staff)
  • the transmitter has a built-in battery that allows you to work wirelessly for up to 8 hours