Call the staff with the 3-button transmitter via a specific message sent to the E467 text pager.


  • faster service
  • increased table turnover
  • improving the quality of service
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • discreet way of communication between clients and staff
  • call the staff if necessary, smooth work without pointless interruptions
  • the guest does not have to look for staff, because the message will indicate which table calls the employee
  • faster communication is an increased number of clients served
  • reducing costs through increase in staff productivity
  • optimized and higher quality of service
  • higher revenues


  • three fully definable messages
  • messages sent to a specific employee or group
  • the system is fully wireless and works on the basis of AA and AAA batteries
  • option to automatically resend messages
  • option of sending a message about the lack of reaction of personnel to the manager
  • can be permanently attached to the tables
  • designed for indoor operation
  • battery level sensor (notification of the manager, e.g. weak battery table 5)

1 Transmitter Table Genie


1 text pager E467