Due to efficiency, paging systems are perfect for places where time and speed of reaction is of great importance.

This set allows to define up to 6 messages. Communicates are sent directly to the text pager after pressing the appropriate button on the Pronto transmitter.

Perfect for restaurants, clinics, nursing homes and factories.


  • faster service (increase table turnover, efficient call the doctor at clinics)
  • higher service quality and increased customer satisfaction
  • discreet way of communication between clients and staff
  • reduced costs through increased staff productivity
  • in an emergency, a message can be sent to all employees at the same time
  • immediate and discreet calling of staff when needed


  • up to six fully definable messages
  • messages sent to a specific employee or group
  • the system works on AAA bateries or an AC adapter
  • option to automatically resend messages
  • option of sending a message about the lack of reaction of personnel to the manager
  • can be permanently attached to the tables or walls
  • designed for indoor operation
  • battery level sensor (notification of the manager, e.g. weak battery table 5)